Infertility Journey

I have been dealing with infertility for the last 4 years.  I went through countless examinations, blood test, ultrasound etc. only to find out that there is nothing wrong with me or with my husband.  This is known as unexplained infertility problem.  I suspected infertility when we were in San Francisco in 2000.  We went to standofrd university where they did variety of tests and told us to start with IUI procedure known as Intra Uterine Insemination. 

Initially it was tough for me to grasp that I am dealing with infertility.  Before this happened to me I had never heard about infertility nor payed any attention to it as none of my family members or friends have gone through it.  I had categorized my life in different phases, in which I was supposed to get married at this age, have kids by the time I turn 30 etc.  Now everything was going out of control.

So in stanford we started with our first IUI’s.  My infertility specialist prescribed me Clomid to start with IUI.  I ovulated on Clomid, IUI was done with no success.  We tried 3 more times giving breaks in between but no success.  After spending 5 years in San Francisco we moved to Toronto, Canada.  After setlling down I started looking for infertility specialist again in Toronto.  It was not difficult as there are few good clinics in toronto which specializes in infertility treatement. 

But there is one important aspect about infertility treatement in Canada.  You have to pay out of your pocket about 10 to 15K regardless of your employement, as most of the insurance do not cover the actual cost of doing IVF.  Whereas in San Francisco where I was working my insurance covered the entire cost.  After taking care of the financial aspect I started doing my research on various test which should be conducted before embarking upon IVF. 

I went to three different clinics in dowtown toronto with my blood work, HSG test (this is a test where they put dye inside your uterus to test whether the fallopian tubes are open and to see the shape of the uterus).  Most of the time doctors looked at those results and told us to hop on to the next bus of IVF as we have done IUI’s couple of time and order some more blood test.  In all these clinic the procedure was to meet the infertility doctor once where they will put you on some sort of protocol for IVF and after that you only get to see your doctor during the egg retrival process.   I did not feel good about the whole procedure as I felt that the doctors are not spending enough time to go through these tests and figure out the root of the problem. 

 Finally I met a doctor in Markham, Ontario who suspected that I might have a problem with the shape of my uterus.  He suspected I might have a septate uterus and I have high chances of going through miscarriage.  He refused to do IVF without fixing the septate uterus problem.  So on Friday September 26th, 2007 I underwent laproscopy and hysteroscopic surgery to fix the septate in my uterus.  I had stiches in my belly button and one down below.  I still am not sure how it will help me with infertility.  I only know that it will help in preventing miscarriage.